Site Appraisal

It is important to ensure you hire the right professional for the right project. Planning is not a protected profession. Anyone, from Architects and surveyors to home improvement companies will claim to offer planning services.

We aim to provide a realistic and detailed of assessment of whether a site can achieve planning permission, indicating the type and quantity of development that we believe can be secured; how best to achieve this; and the likely timescale.

  • Pre-application meetings with the Local Planning Authority and other relevant bodies
  • Briefing Architects and other consultants as required – We are able to advise on the need to employ other specialists and are used to being the lead consultant in a planning project.  As such we have excellent relationships with many local architects and other consultants, including highways/transportation consultants, ecologists, landscape architects, aboriculturalists, acoustic consultants, structural engineers, surveyors/valuers and contamination experts.
  • Preparation of applications to include a comprehensive Design and Access Statement  prepared in compliance with the guidelines produced by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) in 2006
  • Preparation of associated Listed Building/Conservation Area Consent Applications as required
  • Post -submission negotiation with the Local Planning Authority and other relevant bodies through to the determination of the application
  • Provision of mid-term written progress report
  • Discharge of conditions

Any appraisal will focus on the existing designation of the site and the relevant national, regional and local planning policy context, but will also take account of the planning history of the site and its physical characteristics / topography and that of the surrounding area.