About Us

Alban Homes are a company that specialise in land & development acquisitions that are based in St Albans. Our main focus is property planning facilitation for private individuals, property companies, residential & commercial developments. We are passionate about delivering the highest level of service, with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the local area our in-house team are well placed to guide you through every aspect of the planning process. We have many years overseeing property development through its entire cycle from sourcing, acquiring, planning, developing, marketing, and onto final completion.

Site Design

Planning facilitation is a very complex process, a site appraisal should be undertaken for every development before the details of a scheme are fully drawn up. We have an extensive knowledge of St Albans council and how the planning process works. We are able to provide you with local planning experts to help you with your potential development project. Our job is to work alongside you on a time scale that fits with your future plans. Please contact us to arrange a free consultation and to obtain a free site appraisal on your development opportunity.

Joint Venture

House buyers normally spend a lifetime searching for their dream home. A popular way for private land or property owner to get a stake in the property development market is to access the resources and expertise with property developers through joint venture arrangements. We have joint venture partners and a list of investors waiting for projects to team up with like yours. If you have anymore questions please contact our office on 01727 807000.