Planning Process

Planning is a complex process of delivering environmentally and socially responsive development which recognises the economic, social and political objectives of the whole community.

We spend hours of our time looking to re-develop previously used sites and buildings, often referred to as “Brownfield land” as part of new property development.

It is important to ensure you hire the right professional for the right project. Planning is not a protected profession. Anyone, from Architects and surveyors to home improvement companies will claim to offer planning services.

Once a site has been identified, we can recommend the most suitable type of development within existing planning guidelines. We can work with the landowner to progress the project through to a planning approval and then introduce the site to our comprehensive database of builders and developers – ranging from small local companies through to all the major national house builders.

If our clients don’t wish to go through the planning process themselves, we can find a development partner who will fund the planning process with an option to buy the site once planning has been obtained, this is known as a joint venture.

In addition, some developers have dormant sites that they haven’t the time to develop, so we also offer a confidential site sales service as well.

The firm acts for private individuals, property companies, developers, house builders and commercial clients in managing and negotiating all types and scales of schemes through the planning system.

If you feel you have a house or plot that you feel has future potential development, please call us on 01727 807000.